New to BaT & Coming Soon!

Bad news... Our comic wholesalers aren't making the advance weekly delivery lists available like they used to so we won't be posting our 'Week Ahead' lists anymore. 


Comics are still coming in, releasing each Wednesday.  We'll try to start highlighting some of the hot new titles here and on our Facebook & Instagram pages.

Also watch our Facebook page for pics and plots of books that are available two months later so you can order them ahead to make sure you get a copy.


There are a lot of comics released each month; it's impossible for us to carry them all.  If you want to make sure you get the comics you want - SO MANY awesome comic books - sign up for a free subscription account, if you haven't already, and make sure your list includes what you want to read and keep it updated regularly.  Pull off what you no longer want to get and add new books you don't want to miss.

Click HERE for the Latest Comic News, overall New Releases (not necessarily available at BaT) & What To Watch Out For!!!  (This will take you outside of BaT's website.)