Meet the BaT Comics Staff

Welcome to BaT Comics & Games.  It's our pleasure to provide you with wonderful comic books, fantastic games, amazing collectibles and huge amounts of fun!  Let me introduce you to our staff . . .







My name is Bekah!  I started working at Bat Comics in early 2019 and I absolutely love it here!  I grew up in a very nerdy home.  My dad actually worked in a comic shop when he was my age and opened his own shop while I was in high school (it was actually right next to my grandpa's donut shop back home).  The first few books I read were Hack/Slash, Runaways, The Walking Dead and Saga.  I usually gravitate toward more indie titles and love getting/giving suggestions for reading.  I'm also a huge Harry Potter fan! I'm a hufflepuff and 3 of my tattoos are HP related!

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My name is Rose Merry.  I recently graduated from Chico State with a degree in Anthropology and a minor in studio art. I’ve been a comic book fan since I was a wee little lass and I’ve been a lover of drawing and illustration since I could pick up a pencil. What I love about comic books is the diversity and creativity in the graphic content and the story lines. I also really enjoy the social and historical components you can extract from them. I was a regular at Bat Comics & Games before I was an employee because I really enjoy the environment in the store and the selection never disappoints. Come on in and let’s talk comics!


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I’m Teresa.  I’m married to the Owner, Trent, but I’m also a huge comic book fan, a major toy enthusiast and I enjoy playing family and party games.  You won’t see me at the counter; I manage the BaT website and most of our Facebook postings. 


If I listed the books I read, this would be a really long bio. 😉  Some of my current favorites include Super Sons in any incarnation, Ghosted in LA, Daredevil, Star Trek (anything TOS), Batman/Detective Comics, Punisher, Saga and Nocturnals, when there’s something new.  Plus anything Godzilla or Sherlock Holmes.


Some prior series out in trade that I think everyone should read:  Y, The Last Man; Fables; The Watchmen; The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; Maus; Batman, The Killing Joke; The Dark Knight Returns; Kingdom Come.


Some great games:  Here, Kitty, Kitty; King of Tokyo; Zombie Dice; Blurble; Trailer Park Wars.

Come by and meet our great staff and find something to entertain you.  It won’t be difficult. 😊