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D&D Sundays at BaT!

D&D Adventurer's League

BACK on January 28th!

Sundays from 1pm to 3pm

Just $5

Must be 16 or older

Bring paper, pencil(s) and dice (and a miniature of your own, if you'd like, but we'll have some there to use.)

Open and Download this helpful guide to create your Character!
D&D Character Sheet Instructions.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 753.1 KB



What you want to know starting off in the game and the status of our current band of adventurers . . .


When the OldEmpire (OE) finally fell about 2 centuries ago, this was at the fringe of it.  TheDemiraces (Orcs, Goblins, Gnolls, Kobolds, etc) soon began to flourish wiping out all remnants of the OE.  About 100 years ago, The Daft adventuring party came to the area. Different rumors say why they came here.  They started to clean out theDemiraces.  As their fame and fortune grew, people came to the area to serve and service them.  Over about 5 years, a small town formed around their base camp, eventually becoming Vehrstadt.  After another 10 years, they had cleared out about a 20 sq mile area and farmers and traders came to make a living under their protection.  The port city ofMeeresTorwas once a small trading town in the OE.  Now it is the major artery of trade between this land and the lands to the East.  It lies about 12 hours travel from Vehrstadt.  After approximately 25 years, The Daft retired, some stayed in the area and others left.  Over the course of the next 50 years, the area maintained a status quo.  Then theDemitribes started to encroach on the area surrounding Vehrstadt.  


About 15 years ago a new adventuring party, Beginner’s Luck formed.  They cleared out a significant amount of theDemitribes in the area and exposed a blood cult in the city.  Shortly after that, the Emotion Fever swept the land breaking up the group.  Over the last several years, the peace that had prevailed since Beginner’s Luck arrived has waned.  Attacks, both inside the city and out have increased and a new group of heroes is needed to restore hope. 


Vehrstadt is where the campaign is based.  With lots of adventurers coming looking to make their mark the town has a rough and tumble frontier town feel, even though it is a major trade city. 


New adventurers have appeared in Vehrstadt recently.  The party made friends with a local sage named Vallejo who specializes in the Old Empire They cleared out an underground dungeon under the tavern, the Fiery Grog.  During that dungeon adventure, they befriended a telepathic rat named Master Nibbles, who joined the party.  They also found a magical armoire they sold to Sage Vallejo for a nice profit and a Legendary Dwarven Hammer.  They journeyed to the now defunct Dwarven Kingdom to return the hammer, even though it was in a much more dangerous region than they were currently capable of handling (and the DM hinted should be done later).   They barely managed to survive the random encounters along the journey, including a Stone Giant, whom they traded with, and a Mother Chimera (who now hunts them for killing her son).  After returning the hammer for an even bigger payday and gaining the favor of the Dwarves, the heroes have returned to Vehrstadt. 


The adventurers heard of a tribe of goblins who attacked a village.   They set out to find and destroy these goblins to prevent any more villages from being destroyed.  It was a long campaign to break the goblin tribe.  They found out this tribe was different from most, in that it was made up of members from many tribes who had joined to worship a dark, draconic deity who loves fire.  One member of the party fell in battle not to rise again.  In the final climatic fight with the head goblin priestess, a disadvantaged critical, saved the day and kept the party from a TPK.  Back in Vehrstadt the party has to make a moral question.  They hired themselves out to a local gang leader to get rid of a merchant’s protection.  They are now having second thoughts about this and trying to figure a way out of the contract and not have the gang leader trying to kill them.




Will have a dual currency system.  Gold for normal purchases and Residium for magical.  Some things may be a combo of both.      




Residium is the physical manifestation of magic.  It is an incandescent powder that glows slightly in the dark.  100 units of Residium can be transformed into a small crystal that is easier to transport and trade.  Residium or Residium Crystals can be used to power magic. 

All spell casters absorb the natural energy in the world and harness it to cast spells.  Mages ingest certain herbs & perform arcane rituals to harness the magic of the ley lines.  They also write their spells with ink made from Residium.  Priests use prayer to channel their Divinities magic into them.  Druids can channel the magic from flora & fauna for theirs.   


You don’t need to know how to play D&D to join us.  Bring paper and pen/pencil to the game.  It is helpful if you have a set of D&D dice, but not required.   


We can help you make a character if you need it.  Part of making up a character is coming up with their back story/history.  You don’t need to have a detailed story about each of these, but at least a general idea will make things run smoother. 


What type of character do you want to play?  A warrior, rogue, mage or priest?


What is your family background?  Alive or dead? . . . rich or poor? . . . known or unknown? . . . loved or hated?


Why do you want to be an adventurer?  To get treasure/rich, righting a wrong, glory or fame, make someone proud or jealous, to prove you are worthy, for the excitement/thrill of it, duty, to protect someone. 


How religious are you?  Remember, in D&D, gods and monster are real, so most people believe in something to a certain extent.  Are you very or not very? . . . nature or deity? . . . structured or informal?


Rules of the game.  Remember this is a public game so no foul language.  Everyone is accepted as long as they are not disruptive to the game.  All characters need to be some type of good alignment.   


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