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anything Batman

D&D 5th Edition


D&D 5th Edition


Cat Kid Book


Dog Man Book

Fluxx Board Game

any Warhammer (except paint)

any Warhammer novel


Magic Starters or Boosters




Silver Sprocket


anything Star Wars

You Do

spend $10

purchase a Hardcover Book


purchase a Starter


purchase any


purchase any

spend $10 or more

spend $80


purchase at least one book


spend $20


purchase any Starter/Deluxe


spend over $10


spend $20

You Get

GET a FREE hologram card

GET a FREE miniature (up to $3.99)

GET a FREE miniature (up to $3.99)

GET a FREE "How to Create a Comic Book"

GET a FREE poster

GET a FREE promo card

GET a FREE Space Marine Commander miniature

GET a FREE faux leather bookmark

GET a FREE promo card (more if you spend more)

GET a FREE promo bookmark or card

GET a FREE sticker or mini poster

GET a FREE Star Wars promo card

* All promotional items available only while supplies last.

Learn to Play Pokemon


MTG Foil
(pic is for example only & not the foil you'll receive)


Spend $20 on Magic Boosters or Starters...

Get Promo Cards!

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CritSuccess Dice Rings

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PLUS, we also carry supplies like deck boxes, card sleeves, play mats, etc. for all the card games.  AND we have MTG POP and Action Figures!

AND. . . BaT has RPGs, Warhammer 40K, Miniatures & Paint!

DID YOU KNOW . . . BaT also has kids games & educational games?  WE DO!!

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